Olga Rypakova









Triple jump

Personal trainer

Sergey Alekseyev

Sports title

Master of Sport of International Class
  • The Best Result Outdoor
  • Personal best

    Result Discipline Place Date Rank
    15.25 Triple jump
    04.09.2010 AR
    24.83 200 m
    10.05.2002 -
    2:14.86 800 m
    Almaty 11.05.2002 -
    14.02 100 mH
    Almaty 27.06.2006 -
    1.92 Triple jump Doha
    08.12.2006 -
    6.85 Long jump
    10.08.2007 -
    13.04 Shot put
    Almaty 27.06.2006 -
    41.60 Javelin throw
    26.08.2003 -
    6122 Heptathlon Almaty 28.06.2006 -

    Лучший результат 2017 г.

    Result Discipline Place Date Rank
    6.50 Lond jump
    Almaty 13.05.2017 -
    14.77 Triple jump
    07.08.2017 -

  • The Best Result Indoor
  • Personal best

    Result Discipline Place Date Rank
    15.14 Triple jump
    13.03.2010 AR
    7.89 60 m
    10.05.2002 -
    2:22.57 800 m
    Karaganda 06.02.2004 -
    1.88 High jump
    10.02.2006 -
    6.58 Long jump
    02.11.2009 -
    12.90 Shot put
    Pattaya 10.02.2006 -
    4582 Pentathlon
    Pattaya 10.02.2006 AR

    Best result 2017

    Result Discipline Place Date Rank
    6.44 Long jump
    10.02.2017 -
    14.32 Triple jump
    19.09.2017 -

    Honours Competition Place Date
    Olympic Games 2008
    Beijing 17.08.2008 Triple jump
    Olympic Games 2012 London 05.08.2012 Triple jump
    Bronze Olympic Games 2016 Rio 14.08.2016 Triple jump
    Silver World championship
    Daegu 01.09.2011 Triple jump
    Bronze World championship Beijing 24.08.2015 Triple jump
    Bronze World championship London
    07.08.2017 Triple jump
    Gold World indoor championship Doha 13.03.2010 Triple jump
    Silver World indoor championship Istanbul 10.03.2012 Triple jump
    Bronze World indoor championship Valencia 08.03.2008 Triple jump
    Gold Continental Cup
    04.09.2010 Triple jump
    Bronze Asian Games
    Doha 10.12.2006 Long jump
    Silver Asian Games Guangzhou 23.11.2010 Long jump
    Gold Asian Games Guangzhou 25.11.2010 Triple jump
    Gold Asian Games Incheon 01.10.2014 Triple jump
    Gold Asian Championships
    Amman 28.07.2007 Triple jump
    Gold Asian Championships
    Amman 27.07.2007 Triple jump
    Gold Asian Championships
    Amman 28.07.2007 Long jump
    Gold Asian Championships
    Guangzhou 11.11.2009 Triple jump
    Gold Asian Indoor Championships
    Pattaya 10.02.2006 Pentathlon
    Gold Asian Indoor Championships Doha 14.02.2008 Triple jump
    Gold Asian Indoor Championships Doha 20.02.2016 Triple jump
    Bronze Asian Indoor Championships Doha 19.02.2016 Long jump
    • 2 times winner of IAAF Diamond League
    • 9 times winner of IAAF Diamond Leaugue stages
    • 3 times current Asian records holder in triple jump, triple jump (Indoor), pentathlon
    • 8 times champion of Kazakhstan
    • 7 times champion of Kazakhstan (Indoor)

    • Olga Rypakova is the most eminent athlete in the history of Kazakhstan's sport. She is the winner of three Olympics in a triple jump, including the gold of the 2012 Games in London; Winner of three Asian Games 2006, 2010, 2014; Medalist of two world championships and the owner of gold in the World Indoor Championships.
    • Rypakova is a participant and winner of three Summer Olympics in a triple jump. At the Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro won a bronze medal. In 2012, she became a champion in London. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, she finished fourth, but in 2016, after a series of new doping tests of the winners of those Games, 8 years later she was officially deprived of a bronze medal in the triple jump of Chrysopia Devetzi (Greece). In early 2017, after re-testing doping samples of the silver award, Tatyana Lebedeva, a Russian woman, is deprived of a triple jump. However, while on the official website of the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations), Rypakova's achievements indicate that she is the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Beijing.
    • In Kazakhstan, a special stamp was issued to commemorate the victory of Olga Rypakova at the 2012 Olympics in London. The golden success of the Ust-Kamenogorsk sportswoman was also marked by a high governmental award - the Barys Order of the second degree. For the bronze medal of the Olympic Games-2016, the athlete was awarded the Order of Parasat. In addition, she was previously awarded the Kurmet Order.
    • At a meeting with Kazakhstan athletes-medalists of the 2016 Olympics, the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev very warmly responded about the bronze medalist of the Games in Rio de Janeiro Olga Rypakova: - I also wanted to mention that Olga Rypakova, who showed the third result, was one of the peaks in athletics. Olga’s «bronze» is also drawn to the «gold». Between the two Olympics - in London and Rio - she managed to give birth to her son, who is now three. Overall, she has two children. She preserved the shape and sporting qualities. Well done. Firstly - the mother, and secondly - the hero.
    • Olga was born in Ust-Kamenogorsk and to this day remains faithful to her region, representing the East Kazakhstan region. The first success, including in the international arena, was achieved under her maiden name - Alekseyeva. The athlete is trained by her father Sergey Alekseyev.
    • The future Olympic champion in triple jump began to give great hopes to the young athlete at a junior age in a completely different kind of athletics - heptathlon, which includes: 100m hurdles, high jump, shot-put, 200 and 800m run, jumps in length and a spear throwing. In 2002, 17-year-old Rypakova became a silver medalist at the junior world championships, which was held in the capital of Jamaica, Kingston. In parallel, Olga successfully performed in long jump. At its first Asian Games 2006 won gold in the heptathlon and bronze in the long jump.
    • * Despite the successes in heptathlon and long jump, Rypakova and her coach Sergey Alekseyev decided to focus on a triple jump. Very few people then understood and supported them. However, the further course of events convincingly showed that this decision was absolutely correct. And the first major success in the triple jump was the gold championship of Asia in 2007 in Jordan.
    • Olga performed the farthest triple jump in her career at the competitions in Split (Croatia) on September 4, 2010 - 15 meters 25 centimeters. This achievement is the record of Asia and Kazakhstan.
    • For several years Rypakova continued to combine performances in triple jump and in long jump. She is a participant in the Beijing Olympics in the long jump competitions, Asian champion of 2007, silver medalist of Asian Games 2010. Rypakova's personal record in this kind of athletics, 6.85 meters was set in 2007 in Bangkok.
    • Kazakhstani jumper twice became the medalist of the summer world championships - in 2011 in Daegu (silver) and in 2015 in Beijing (bronze). Three medals are on Rypakova's account at the indoor world championships - gold (2010, Doha), silver (2012, Istanbul) and bronze (2008, Valencia).
    • Rypakova won gold medals at three Asian Games - 2006 (Doha, Heptathlon), 2010 (Guangzhou, triple) and 2014 (Incheon, triple). She also won two Asian Games medals in long jump - silver (2010) and bronze (2006). Three times Olga won at the championships of Asia - in 2007 (length, triple) and in 2009 (triple). Then she did not participate in the continental championships.
    • In March 2014 in Ust-Kamenogorsk the athletics arena was solemnly opened. The modern sports facility is named after the Olympic champion - Olga Rypakova's Athletics Center. All republican starts are held here in the winter, starting from children's and ending with the country's championships among adults. In addition, in the athletics center since 2015 international competitions for prizes of the Olympic champion Olga Rypakova are held.
    • In addition to the highest sports ranks, as the honored master of sports, Olga Rypakova was awarded various awards and titles. For example, in 2016 she became an honorary citizen of the East Kazakhstan region. In the same year, she was awarded the military rank of Major of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan ahead of time, - the Athlete at Internal Competitions represented by the CSCA - the Central Sports Committee of the Army of the Ministry of Defense.
    • В марте 2014 года в Усть-Каменогорске был торжественно открыт легкоатлетический манеж. Современный спортивный объект назван в честь олимпийской чемпионки – Легкоатлетический центр Ольги Рыпаковой. Здесь проводятся все республиканские старты в зимний период, начиная от детских и заканчивая чемпионатами страны среди взрослых. Кроме того, в легкоатлетическом центре с 2015 года проводятся международные соревнования на призы олимпийской чемпионки Ольги Рыпаковой.
    • Olga Rypakova's husband - Denis Rypakov - himself an athlete in the past. He is the silver medalist of the World Universiade of 2003 in the Korean city of Daegu in the 400 meters race. Now he is the head of the East Kazakhstan regional athletics federation and the director of the athletics center after Olga Rypakova. There are two children growing up in their family: daughter Anastasia (born 2004) and son Kirill (born in 2013).